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PALAS FC are extremely proud of supporting young people to reach their potential. Facilitating over 20 professional football trials from 2016 and counting. As well as seeing previous graduates go into higher education, given USA Scholarships and giving them experiences collaborating with brands on adverts and being involved in focus groups sessions with Nike, Science in Sport and Adidas. We always want to do more. 

“I am so excited for each and every student-athlete we take on. We’re from similar backgrounds as I’m local, I’m from South London and I love football. I understand how they feel and how important opportunity is. I am passionate to push them to their potential on and off the field to be the best they can be. We know why these students have joined us in the first place and make no doubt about it, we want to continue to push talent along the conveyor belt from south London, the 'football factory' for the UK.”

– Renaldo Sutherland, FA Licensed Intermediary and Recruitment Manager at PALAS FC.

football offer

We have a strong and dynamic coaching staff at the PALAS Football and Education Programme. FA qualified coaches spearheaded by FA Licensed Intermediary Renaldo Sutherland provides the student-athletes with quality in terms of footballing development and an understanding and constant communication as to how they can get into professional level football.  


PALAS FC student-athletes will have 10-12 hours contact time per week. Playing matches on a Wednesday evening in the Tony Ford Combined Counties U18 Midweek Floodlit Youth League. The schedule is as follows: 


Monday: Outfield Training 16:00 – 18:00

Tuesday: GK Training 16:00 – 18:00 

Wednesday: Matchday 19:00 KO 

Thursday: Rest Day 

Friday: Outfield Training/Gym work 16:00 – 18:00 


(Schedule could be subject to change)  

Football Offer

Education offer

With our programme, students are able to study any A-Level of their choosing or any Vocational course of their choosing.

Our timetable caters around their study. Our student-athletes understand that “student” comes first.


At PALAS FC we give them the freedom to decide what they want to study. Making sure they’re happy at school and on the football pitch. 

Education Offer
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